Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What does the 3rd space mean to you as a health professional Assignment

What does the 3rd space mean to you as a health professional - Assignment Example et al., 2010). In the context of this assignment, the third space was the forum where the aboriginals and the non-aboriginals gathered to talk and interact with one another away from their homes and places of work. There is a general agreement that social capital or what others would call cultural capital is not the only way to deal with the social exclusion menace. Aboriginals in Australia struggled for many years to be able to get the second and third space. It was actually hell to get the third space (Fenwick, 1998). They were at the periphery of service delivery in Australia for many years. They had health issues to deal with, and it was hard because they didn’t have the third space (Fenwick, 2001). A health professional finds the third space very important because it provides a forum in which they got to know about the health of the aboriginals, unlike the past where they would have health problems and nobody would care about it. The aboriginal health was in the past the hardest thing to understand because they lived in seclusion and felt unneeded because of their identity. It would be easier for health professionals to find ways to help the aboriginals with their health problems if informal settings are created in which the aboriginals and the non-aboriginals can sit together and talk, and just interact on a number of things touching on their lives (Eckermann et al. 2010).. There were certain social determinants of an aboriginal’s health and all of them touched on the social exclusion they suffered in the hands of the non-aboriginals, supposedly because they are viewed as an inferior race to the non-aboriginals. This made it hard to understand the health issues of the aboriginals. Third space creates an environment in which these two groups of people can interact. Through such interaction, it is no doubt that the health professionals will find it easy to understand the health of the aboriginals, and

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