Thursday, September 26, 2019

Was Deng Xiaoping's Foreign Policy a Success or a Failure Research Paper

Was Deng Xiaoping's Foreign Policy a Success or a Failure - Research Paper Example Though China fought with the US in Korea and in case of Taiwan in his period he was successful in being a strategic partner for the US and achieving MFN status for his country. Though Korea and Japan are trade partners for the US in Asia, the policies of the US regarding China even dominated election manifesto of that Country. When discussing the foreign policy of Deng Xiao Ping, it is reasonable to mention about the US. The underlying reason is that in the post-cold war period, US emerged as a single superpower and any country’s foreign policy was compelled to keep the US in consideration if it wants to be a major partner in world trade. Deng’s policy was the matter of discussion because China developed links with the US despite confrontation in past and present (Taiwan). The significant feature in the Deng’s foreign policy is recognizing the US as a sole superpower in the post-cold war period. The growth of China compelled the US to treat human rights and econo mic benefits separately. Development of Sino US relations: From the date of sworn in of George Bush in 1989 till the end of the two-term presidency of Bill Clinton Sino American relations took a dramatic change. Bush even visited China before visiting Europe to state the new priorities and China reciprocated in the same way US responses.1 The communication gap between China and the Soviet Union, the downward trend of Soviet Union’s economy, George Bush’s diplomacy in meeting China’s leadership before Gorbachev met them made this foreign policy a successful thing for PRC (People's Republic of China). In the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square incident, China’s top leadership recognized that the US has its own compulsions regarding the moral and human values. From that point in time, both the countries started responding cautiously to each other’s acts and deeds.  

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