Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Narrative Exposition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Narrative Exposition - Essay Example ds every single day, without knowing how much force they had in his life; simple things like taking the bus to work or to the library, cleaning up the dishes at home, everything was done in a very mundane manner because he was getting very bored with living his life. He wanted something new to be offered to him without realizing that only he could make the difference. Academics was something that his parents put a great deal of pressure upon; they had invested a great amount of money for the purpose of John’s education and thus wanted him to excel more than he personally wanted to. John was never good in studies, but he always spent time trying to make his parents happy by trying his best to get good grades. The high school he attended had a number of clubs and associations attached with its prestigious name and as students John and his friends were always encouraged to be a part of them. One fine day, an announcement was made regarding the elimination of a few clubs that did not have many members or donations to remain as part of the school and had to be scrapped off the list because of the decisions taken by a few faculty members who did not have time to invest in the same. This was a social service unit that did not have too many students as a part of it and thus the student body always urged students to join. The main aim of the club w as to help the special children or differently-abled children that lived in and around parts of the city. However, the club was never able to attract a lot of attention towards itself because not everyone wanted to become a part of a social unit designed for the welfare of differently-abled children. A few days later upon looking at the notice of this club, John and his friends went to a nearby cafe to spend some time and as they were happily sipping their lattes, John’s eyes happened to glance over a child on the street; the child seemed helpless and restless and his mother was scolding him. They entered the cafe and

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