Monday, September 23, 2019

ABC Health Care Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ABC Health Care - Research Paper Example The company is losing its hold on the market, as well as missing income flows and revenues from the poor quality of healthcare networks currently operated by the company. As such, the main aim of this analysis of the requirements of technical analysis of the healthcare is to come up with new ways and strategies that would enable the company make the best out of its networks, as is the case for both its trusted as well as untrusted clients. This is a very critical aspect of the new design development as it enables the company to maintain high security levels. As such, this control of accessibility for both legitimate as well as malicious users of the system forms the utmost importance of the safety and security of the management system of ABC Health Care. The threat that the company faces through the usage of improper management systems does not remain solely to the outside malicious users. However, this also relates to the legitimate users engages in the illegitimate activities. The securities of the company’s website as well as other critical factors that affect the normal operations of the business are critical in maintaining the security of all systems. The new design of network development would include a high-level performance through the incorporation of consistent delivery system. The new design should include proper support systems of the business as well as bridge a balance the security requirements without introduction of significant overhead and complexities that may arise in network use and development. Other important aspects that the new design of network should address include the possibility of maintenance and enhancement of security without incurring a significant increase in the overheads of management or other related complexities. This also incorporates the implementation of systems that are supported by the industry, such as meeting the appropriate standards set by the industry, as well as being scalable and tolerant to faults. The i mplementation of the designs should also assist in ensuring compliance with all the applicable regulations within the market as well as within the industry. To close it up, the system should also have proper access control for both legitimate as well as malicious users. In order to achieve maximum success through the proper usage of the network systems of the ABC Health Care, the analysts should consider the all the related factors to the development of a consistent network system that ensures proper returns as well as provide its clients with the best service deliveries. In addition, the company should also include both internal as well external aspects of network development in improving its technical designs. This is through the considerations that the untrusted aspects of network connectivity would include connectivity of users to the internet, whereas the trusted network would mainly deal with the purpose of supporting all business functions, as well as ensuring that the compan y overcomes it current flaws in network connectivity. Some of the composite business function that this new vision should address would include the suppliers of the company, as well as the partners. These persons or groups have a secure business relationship with the company and assist in its day-to-day operations for culmination into a successful end of a fiscal year. The system designers can also come up with a Network Intrusion Prevention System appliance in order to maintain and uphold the security of the health care system. This is a

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