Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Benefits of leadership

The Benefits of the Leadership Course Responsibility O A responsible person Is one who is able to act without guidance or supervision, because he or she Is accountable and answerable for his or her behavior. C) You will be prepared for both the risks and the opportunities that accompany new roles. C) Your responsibility will grow, giving you an edge on others O A person who does as promised deed can be considered as reliable. C) How does being responsible pay?C) A person who has a reputation of being responsible is trusted to do things on his or her own, without supervision. Leads to self esteem, promotions, Develops Leadership Qualities O Questions How do you handle yourself in unexpected or uncomfortable situations? An effective leader will adapt to new surroundings and situations adjust. O You can develop Important qualities Having these qualities Improves your self-esteem and Job situations Major qualities include open-mindedness, enthusiasm. Inconsistency, courage, and confidenc e C) You will be prepared to deal with real life situations Example is getting a job O Gain feedback on your existing strengths – and weaknesses – as a leader Service Opportunities O it makes you get involved O colleges see the amount of service hours O by volunteering and helping others, you get to learn and see more about your community C) colleges want to see you being more productive and caring to others and not just yourself.C) It gets you familiar with the environment of the working class and the business roll O questions do you volunteer at any organization? What does your organization do to help your community? Have you learned anything by doing this service? Develops Leadership Ability in Extracurricular Activities (D gives you ability to lead in your club/sport's team C) gives you extra edge over other students/athletes C) enables you to hold a leadership position on a sport's team In school or In a club (D gives you opportunity to hold office in student coun cil

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