Monday, September 9, 2019

Marketing Research- Individual Data Analysis Report Assignment

Marketing Research- Individual Data Analysis Report - Assignment Example Another critical factor that has led to an increased consumerism is the surge in credit culture. In addition, companies nowadays also put more emphasis on the requirements of consumers because they have understood that it is wise and sensible to manufacture products according to the requirement as it mitigates the market risk as well as provides opportunity to gain success. The same idea is applicable for a television production company (Edwards & Peccei, 2007). Television viewers have the tendency to watch programs that is entertaining and has some kind of social value (DeMozota, 2003). However, the viewership of a television program is greatly dependent upon the culture of the country and also the customer base that the television program has considered as its target. In this report, in-depth consumer analysis will be conducted to assess their attitude towards reality shows. On the basis of the analysis, a recommendation to the client, NBN will be made about whether they should int roduce a new Reality TV show or not. The analysis of data will encompass both qualitative and quantitative forms and a judgment will be made after considering both the facts (Solomon, 2008; Pride & Ferrell, 2004). Qualitative Analysis Key Themes Identified The study is trying to analyse the attitude of consumers towards reality TV shows. Another issue that became evident while exploring the qualitative data is the definition of a reality TV show. The analysis revealed that there are several types of shows being aired on television, but classifying programs as reality, soap and drama is a tricky task. Interpretation of Theme 1 The nature of the program is also dependent upon an individual’s point of view. According to R2, a reality shown is the one that depicts a real life scenario and showcases true reactions of the contestants participating in the program. Furthermore, the respondent also mentions that there are some reality shows that uphold real things but is often scripte d and participants act according to the direction. In the similar way, R5 comments that â€Å"I have to admit, I am not a very big fan of real-life TV. I tried watching programs such as survivors and Temptation Island, but they just are not appealing to me, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that I see those shows as acting and nothing else†. Hence, the same issue i.e. what actually is a reality television show is the matter of doubt among the mass. Another point raised by the respondent regarding reality TV shows is the authenticity of the participants. Exemplifying the mega hit show ‘Big Brother’, the respondents stated that â€Å"who wouldn’t be tempted to pretend to be someone that they don’t normally get to be on TV, even though the shows are supposed to be 100% real and genuine.† The statement obviously holds great importance, as consumers may feel cheated if they are not shown the real side of the participants. However, the po int made by R1 in this regards is contradicting. The respondent believes that some sort of acting in the reality shows is absolutely acceptable because they have participated in a competition and wining the show will reward them with a lot of money. Therefore, it is up to them how they portray themselves in front of the audience and it is up to the audience how the rate remains constant. In addition, the respondent also stated referring to reality show where two ordinary people

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