Thursday, September 12, 2019

Are the German Banks Riskier than the European Competitors Essay

Are the German Banks Riskier than the European Competitors - Essay Example As the essay highlights there are a number of reasons why the German banks should be so eager to implement risk anti-risk policies. After the unification of East and West Germany, the banks in the united nation needed to win the trust and the faith in the minds of the people, so that they had to undertake some relevant and careful anti-risk policy measures. The policy measures have continued ever since; even a few days back, the Chairman of Deutsche Bank, Joseph Ackerman, had reportedly said that there would be a worldwide availability of German bank shares in order to minimize the risk elements present in the business. According to the report findings since the mean or the average values are irrelevant to the study and rather the standard deviations are the ones that are needed for the same, so further description of the ratios have been omitted. The objective is to find out the relative risk quotient of the variables corresponding to the German and other European banks. The one that is found to display a higher standard deviation of returns is considered to be the riskier one. In order to ensure that the study involves the banks which operate in the market at present, only the active banks or the ones which have been merged with other banks have been taken into account. In order to carry on with the above specified empirical analysis, data has been collected on all banks located within the Euro region. In addition, data for the German banks have been categorized separately, so as to carry on the comparison with that of their European counterparts.

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