Friday, September 6, 2019

Global Forces of Change Essay Example for Free

Global Forces of Change Essay 1. From the case facts, describe how globalization and technology have influenced the business directions of GE Medical Systems. Technology Since new requirements in healthcare business had been emerged, in the market it is required to implement personalized medicine to support specific client – not mass population. Moreover, trend on find the way to prevent sickness is more concerned than to heal. This is massive challenge to medical equipment manufacturers whether which company can find the best technology to support these requirements. GE believed that the best technology would always win in the marketplace so they responded to these requirements by investing more on RD and also product design. As the result, corporate RD invented some new products which replace need of existing product, for example, digital detectors for X-ray machines that would replace the need for X-ray film. Globalization Globalization increases connectivity and interdependence of the world’s markets and businesses. Emerging middle-classes of Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America is also an opportunity for healthcare company like GE to expand their markets, increase sales and profits. Beside of sales side, GE can also reduce their manufacturing cost by shifting manufacturing from high-cost countries to low-cost countries. This would increase their competitive advantage. 2. Identify possible projects by which a company dealing in Healthcare and Medical Diagnosis like GEMS can profitably ride the waves of globalization, liberalization and technology. * Shifting manufacturing base from high-cost countries to low-cost countries in order to reduce production cost. * To develop healthcare IT system, this is to manage necessary data systematically such as patient data, treatment record etc. This is also helpful for diagnosis. * To apply Free Trade Agreement with emerging countries in order to facilitate access of healthcare products. * Even general needs of customers in healthcare in each country is same but there are some specific requirements which are required individually so GEMS should not neglect RD in each local market. Hiring local staffs is an effective alternative since local people might understand needs in their society well. * RD is vital since technology changes every day. GEMS should keep investing on find out the way to increase effectivene ss of their equipment and also invent new products which can replace existing one. 3. Describe the world do you envision in 2050, especially with China and India likely to take center-stage? Touch on the economic, political, social and cultural adaptation that you think can take place. According to many reports show that over the next 50 years China and then India’s economies will overtake US. Large and growing market opportunities in China and India are widely seen and understood as evidenced by the large flows of foreign direct investment to China, both for the domestic market, but also to use China as a low cost platform for exports to the rest of the World. China is communist. Due to their political characteristics, control in a repressive way substantial part of the economy, especially the financial sector that brought about massive imbalance. A centralized decision-making process, although discretionary would presumably ease political action by by-passing all types of necessary approvals from a parliament or congress in a democratic system. So changing of Chinese government would possibly change the world. About social and culture, as foreign companies would base their manufacturing in China, learning local culture would be very important in order to have smooth operation and avoid any conflict. China language will become as vital as English. On the other hands, due to growing of China economic dominance, Chinese people will also spread over the world. Their culture will unavoidably absorb to everywhere. We have no choice but adapt with it.

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