Saturday, August 10, 2019

Written Grammar assisgnment-Rhetoric Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Written Grammar assisgnment-Rhetoric - Assignment Example Isn’t it the students who are the future of the workplace? Our society has become highly dependent on mobile technology (Vess, 2013). This triggers the argument, ‘is mobile technology in schools productive or a hindrance?’ It is true that if mobile devices are improperly used, they can be hazardous in school (Chadband, 2012). However, BYOT/BYOD is already an integral part of a students’ life that it would be ineffective to throw out mobile devices completely. In fact, throwing out mobile devices would have a negative impact on students in school causing them to rebel and hence hindering effective performance. If the present workforce is an indication of the future, then today’s students’ need the freedom to work with their own mobile devices (Vess, 2013). As the number of students using mobile technology increases in school districts, it is up to the school administrators to deliver and offer training programs for teachers in the use of mobile devices (Schaffhauser, 2014). In conclusion, BYOT/BYOD in schools is inevitable. Mobile technology and devices are already a part of a student’s lifestyle, and developing their technological skills within a school setting will prepare them for the workplace and even put them in leadership positions. Therefore, the aim for schools now, is to embrace and integrate new ways of teaching using mobile technologies and devices. Schaffhauser, D. (2014). Report: Most Schools delivering BYOD programs, training teachers in mobile device usage. Retrieved Jan 2, 2015 from Vess, B. (2013). Mobile Devices in the Classroom: The Argument for BYOD Implementation. Retrieved Jan 2, 2015 from

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