Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Discussion 8 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion 8 - Assignment Example This can be accomplished through a variety of incentives as well as implementing new requirements for the landscaping of any new housing development. The outright legislation of what type of plants that an individual is allowed to plant in their own yard may seem a bit draconian, especially to those that have lived in the LA area for many years. As such, a good remedy to this would be to require that any new housing developments and or landscaping projects must adhere to some minimum drought hardy requirements. Simply having a green lawn is not reason for a fine; however, if water records can substantiate that the individual is wastefully using public resources solely for beautification purposes, that individual should be forced to pay a penalty for this luxury because the aforementioned individual is taking the resources of the entire public. It is a part of the American societal norm. We are constantly shown perfect, green, beautifully manicured lawns in movies, television, advertisements, and other forms of marketing. We are told that this is what we should all ascribe to and in so doing we will be able to further delineate ourselves from the rest of the neighborhood as the person who has the best grass – as if that really matters. In the first article that was assigned, it stated that the lawn business was a several hundred billion dollar a year money making machine; as such, the firms that benefit from this infusion of money will continue to lobby and advertise and market this form of â€Å"happiness† to an unwitting public. It depends on how severe the drought is or if the water system has reached or is near reaching absolute capacity. Going so far at this juncture as tearing out non-native plants would be a bit severe especially since such a broad ranging edict would have many negative effects on the local environment including

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