Thursday, August 15, 2019

Childhood obesity Essay

If an American government official announces that childhood obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, it is completely unethical for that person to then endorse an unhealthy snack with their name and picture. The person that chooses to endorse unhealthy snacks but makes their living preaching against their sponsor is being an unethical representative of the company that is paying them to endorse the product and is sending a mixed message when on the job. The real ethical violation here is in business ethics. The man in the example is being paid to endorse an unhealthy snack. By accepting that contract, he has agreed to give his name and support to the product. To then preach against it from the pulpit of a government position is a violation of their contract with the business and a violation of their commitment to their job. Theoretically, if he is speaking out about childhood obesity in the course of his job, then he has a position related to the health of the nation. To the turn around and endorse an unhealthy project violates his contract with the American public to promote healthy behavior. In short, anyone who argues that childhood obesity is an epidemic and then endorse unhealthy snacks is the worst kind of hypocrite. This person is taking money from both sides of the argument and cannot effectively represent either side. He has stolen from both his government employer and from his snack time employer, failing to do what either of them paid him for. In that instance, he should be fired from both jobs and sued by both employers for fraudulently accepting their money.

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