Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Influence of Arabic Language on the Culture Essay

The Influence of Arabic Language on the Culture - Essay Example In the Middle East region, more than one hundred million people may be found to use the language as their language of speaking. During the eighteenth century when the Arab Empire had encountered severe problems in maintaining their political stability, it was the Arabic language that emerged with its power and contributed in building a bonded relationship among the Muslim states. Thus the language played a significant part in â€Å"preserving cultural unity and continuity in the Muslim world†. If the significance of the Arabic language is studied with respect to the Arabic culture, it can be realized that the language has an important role to play in the Arab-Muslim culture. The language enabled a relationship between the Arabs and the Muslims in the support of the language as well as the cultural principles that they followed. Several authors have been found to significantly focus on the importance of Arabic and mentioned Arabic as the language of culture. The language was used in the circumstances of religious disturbances between Christians and Muslims, in internal conflicts among the Arabs, or with other countries. The language took a major part in conveying the cultural principles in the East to the West and this was executed by converting the languages of Arabic cultural books into other languages. Thus this initiated and encouraged an association between the East and the West in regard to the cultural beliefs. Studies reflect that the Arabic language â€Å"is the faithful register of Arab cultural achievement as well as the basis for politico-cultural resurgence† across the entire world of Arab. The language was found to be the â€Å"driving force† as the Arab country aspired to be superior to other countries in its nationalism actions as well as culture.

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