Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Population Advocate Role Essay Example for Free

Population Advocate Role Essay More than 50 million people in the United States have disabilities (Bauer, 2008). With the growing population and the careless lifestyle of some people, it is envisaged that more people would fall into this bracket. These disabilities include blindness, deafness, the handicapped, the mentally retarded and other ailments that does not allow people function as they would in the society. Although the government is doing its best to curb the rate of disability, it seems as if enough attention is not being given to those that are already disabled in our society. This is the job of the population advocate. The population advocate role has become a necessity in the human service field. This is because unlike other people of the society, these sections of the society have special needs and they need special attention. However, the question is who will take his/her time to attend to the needs of these people? The populations advocate for the disabled plays the role of speaking on behalf of the disabled section of the society. As a result of their condition, disabled people are often sidelined in the society and given little or no attention. The population advocate takes it upon himself/herself to see to the welfare condition of these people. The duty of advocacy should not be left to individuals and welfare organizations. It should be the collective responsibility of everyone as these people are also part of our society. People with disabilities have needs such as housing, treatment, short and long-term medical care, education, probation, and domestic violence. As an advocate, I can play a role by volunteering to take anybody with disability around me for treatment and ensure that he/she is treated like other patients. Apart from this, I would speak up, make a report to the police and rise in defense of the disabled whenever I see them being a victim of domestic violence. I will also make sure that I become a guide to the disabled person around me and become friends with them. I will also contact various welfare organizations to fund housing projects for the disabled in my community.

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