Sunday, August 11, 2019

Nation State and Transnational Entities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nation State and Transnational Entities - Essay Example This essay stresses that USA is a perfect example of a nation state. Though it is a multicultural society, it is regarded as a nation-state due to the existence of the shared American "culture." It has a territory that is composed of all the states; it also has a government as well as sovereignty. This paper makes a concludion that the European integration process has been characterized by two periods. These are; the Cold War and Second World War. After these two historical events, a majority of the European States recognized the need for cooperation. After the Second World War, Europeans learnt a lesson that encouraged them to test practically benefits that could accrue from European integration. The War had led to reduction of European power. In addition, this decline was an opportunity for the Soviet Union and the US to lead in terms of security, political as well as economic positions. These therefore pushed European leaders to put behind their differences and cooperate. The cooperation was intended to eliminate the causes of war and promote European political as well as economic union. It is worth noting that there were different reasons that motivated them. There was a group made up of states that had been destroyed following the war and were keen on reconstructing their economy as well as reestablish the lost international power. These states were prepared to sacrifice their national sovereignty so as to reach their goals.

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