Monday, June 17, 2019

Using Mobile Technology and Mobile devices in the workplace Essay

Using Mobile Technology and Mobile devices in the workplace - Essay instanceIn fact, a research carried out by the Foresights Networks and Telecommunications, Q1 2011, indicate that 64 percent of all firms in North America and Europe identify the planning of adequate mobility support for their staff as a top priority (Wright, Mooney, & Parham, 2011). Memorandum To Leslie Anderson President, SC Technology Company From Lehua Lashua IT Administrator Subject Mobile Devices in the Workplace Date November 14, 2012 Executive summary The benefits that come along with mobile devices and mobile engine room usage at work places are many and enchant the employees accessibility, quality, and ability to make meaningful decisions based on the given information timelines. People use mobile devices in addition to other portion tools to mediate the tasks and activities required to fulfill certain responsibilities at work (Brennen, 2011). Thus, it is essential for organizations to apply the use of mobile technology and mobile devices with respect to the need to compass goals set and objectives allocated by an organization. Todays world is so technologically vibrant such that in order to attain the set targets and meet both customers demand, organizations should find it imperative to adopt and integrate the application of mobile devices and mobile technology.... This cut across will seek to propose why organizations such as SC Technology Company need to acquire, integrate, and coordinate the use of mobile technology and mobile devices at workplace. Introduction As mobile technology continues to advance and mobile devices become oftentimes cheaper and evolve with regard to their portability, interfaces, bandwidth, features, and context awareness, people are constantly making these devices part of their social and professional worlds. The creative activity of the so-called Smartphone has irreversibly revolutionized the way people conduct business. Whilst laptops and deskt ops continued to dominate the last decade and half, the advent of mobile computing technology has become much more novel, changed the presentation even though not necessarily the way people currently do business (Wright, Mooney, & Parham, 2011). Exponentially, the business world has injected new and in advance(p) technological devices and other products that are transforming they way companies view profit margins, competition, and time. The application and use of mobile devices have erased working boundaries and replaced them with substantially portable, integrated, and accessible gadgets. These devices are fitted for doing away with the distance involved in cases where employees used to take time and resources before realizing the intended objectives (Katz, 2011). Purpose The main of this essay is to prepare a report based on an ongoing research regarding the application and use of mobile devices and mobile technology in workplaces (SC Technology Company). It will also report on how mobile technology and mobile devices can help increase an organizations productivity and

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