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Greek Mythology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Greek Mythology - Essay ExampleE genuinelything the people do is monitored by the gods and any parenthesis or disobedience is punished.Human beings are also able to judge among themselves and punish whom they deem wrong. In the play, however, the most common form of punishment was death. umteen cases arose from previous actions where an aggrieved individual took matters into their own hands and acted as they pleased. Agamemnon attacked Troy so as to avenge the kidnap of Helen. He was also killed because of his fathers social function in the death of Thyestes children.In this essay, I will demonstrate the different cases of justice in the play and how they were carried out. I will also show how valet de chambre overcame the gods in the end when they decide to punish Agamemnon themselves.When the play starts, the chorus reminds us that Artemis had demanded the sacrifice of Iphigenia- it was her that was taken away their wind for the ships, and the priests Calchas stated to them wha t their goddess needed. As much as the decision was hard for Agamemnon to take, it was needed to appease the gods for the sake of his army. As the general, he did not want to disappoint neither his crew nor the gods. The decision, to sacrifice his child is very unpopular with the people as indicated in the chorus, clearly indicates that the gods were the final authority in terms of justice.When Troy is conquered by Agamemnon and his army, Clytemnestra as the ruler in charge, is diligent to thank the god Hepthaus. However, she also prays that the passion of the Greek should overwhelm them and disrespect the gods. Moreover, she asks that their men not to plunder the gods alter or assault any of the women of Trojan. The idolize Clytemnestra exhibits clearly show the gods are ready to punish anyone who disobeys them. After returning from the war, the king of Argos owes his success to both the soldiers the gods. In the end, the gods turned against Troy and the city was destroyed for t he sake of Helen.The

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