Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Philosphy research paper Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Philosphy paper - Research Proposal ExampleThese two prominent enlightenment philosophers argon chosen for several reasons. First, Locke is believed to be the precursor of American values because his naturalist ethics was the philosophical basis of the Declaration of Independence of which this country was built. Hume on the another(prenominal) hand is selected because of his ethical concept of what to be or what is the ideal as contained in his famous work A Treatise of Human Nature. He is withal naturalistic just like Locke and such, would make a good case whether their ethical theories are still valid today. It is important to examine the validity of their theories because new-fangled ethical theories are built on their philosophical theories. If proven otherwise, it would imply that current literature about ethics will fall on pedantic musing that does not hold validity in real world. If they are, then the works of this philosophers should be made more familiar to the innovat ional student.As a starting point of research about the related literature of the topic, it would be appropriate to begin with David Humes A Treatise of Human Nature which was published in 1739. It would also be appropriate to examine in detail the contents of the Declaration of Independence on how closely it relates to Lockes ethical theory and whether modern Americal values are still consistent with that perspective of morality. In the process, several literature related with the subject shall be considered such as the works cited below which more than adequately explain the ethical theories of Hume and

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