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Transcendentalism in Thoreaus Walden Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Transcendentalism in Thoreaus Walden - Essay ExampleSurrounded by forest, it was and remains a peaceful town, close enough to Bostons lectures, book-stores, and colleges to be intensely cultivated, but far away enough to be serene. Concord was the first rural artists colony, and the first place to offer a spiritual and cultural option to American materialism. It was a place of high-minded conversation and simple living (Emerson and Thoreau both had vegetable gardens). Emerson, who go to Concord in 1834, and Thoreau are most closely associated with the town, but the locale also attracted Hawthorne, Fuller, Alcott and Channing. The transcendental ball club was loosely organized in 1836. Unlike many European groups, the Transcendentalists never issued a manifesto. They insisted on idiosyncratic differences - on the unique view point of the individual. American writers often saw themselves as lonely explorers out-of-door society and convention.It is the writing of Thoreau and of Eme rson that has been the most enduring product of American transcendentalism. Thoreau and Emersons friendship blossomed during the autumn after Thoreau returned base from college in 1837. Emerson was then at the height of his intellectual and creative powers. His philosophy of striving and self-reliance potently attracted Thoreau, who had the good fortune to be granted the society of Americas leading progressive takeer just as he began his career. (Cafaro, Philip. Thoreaus Living Ethics Walden and the Pursuit of Virtue.) Thoreau accepted Emerson as his mentor and began to keep a ledger on his suggestion. Emerson criticized Thoreaus articles and sent them across to different editors, with mixed reviews. He provided the site for Thoreaus experiments at Walden Pond. While Emerson was disseminating his mature philosophy, Thoreau was still trying to formulate his own message, acquire the necessary skills to write creatively and gain a foothold so that he could at least make his ends m eet. Given Thoreaus extreme individualism and his understanding of independence, this relationship of dependence was bound to give rise to discontent. The two men were two different personalities and differed greatly in temperament. Emerson was active socially whereas Thoreau preferred to his solitary mode. Emerson owned some property and was a family man, which make him regard the social norms with some respect. Thoreau on the other hand, was explicitly critical of what he considered hypocrisy, pettiness, and herd mentality. sooner naturally, these personality clashes gave way to grave intellectual differences one of their first recorded quarrels occurred during an afternoon walk when Thoreau, noting the proliferation of fences on the road, declared that he would not abide by them, as he had as much proper(a) to Gods earth as anyone. Emerson responded with a defense of the institution of private property. Harmon smith suggests that Emersons subsequent essay, The Protest, was en join towards Thoreau. In it, Emerson warns aspiring youths of the dangers of letting their frustrations at societys shortcomings consume their time and talents. (Cafaro, Philip. Thoreaus Living Ethics Walden and the Pursuit of Virtue.) Gradually, when Thoreau began to think on his own, their relationship was further strained. Emerson was a generous open-minded man, but as

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