Friday, May 10, 2019

I tried to eat healthy for two weeks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

I tried to tucker healthy for two weeks - quiz ExampleSimilarly fast food is also composed of such ingredients which can be subtle to the body. In order to lead a healthy life one has to balance his nutritional ingestion so that he does not consume unhealthy foods. These argon the main reasons because of which I tried to eat healthy food for two weeks by new down on my diet. In my practice of overwhelming healthy foods I sought to cut out on the things which I considered unhealthy for my body. To start with I cut out on my daily soda consumption in order to avoid whatever sort of carbonated drink. I consumed water and tea as an alternative to soda as twain of them are comparably healthier in my view than soda. Healthy food was my aim so I had to cut out on my consumption of fast food. I could not achieve this aim if I did not cook at my business firm so I preferred cooking at home instead of going out which proved to be a successful plan in cutting down my diet of fast food. I preferred salad over other things as it has essential vegetables which are healthy for my body.

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