Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Looking for God :: Papers

Looking for immortal Where are you supposed to look for idol? How are you to look for God, and does it help to decide what sort of thing you are looking for first? What kind of thing is God? Looking from the perspective of someone with no previous faith, looking for general revelation, I would have to say you have to perceive what you think is God-like first. If you ask the majority of people with a faith what God is like, they would probably say all good and all-powerful. So are you looking for general signs of goodness, beauty, power and awe? If you are then you can rule out decision God in evil, ugliness, weakness and un-impressiveness. Or can you? I know that black isnt white, but people thought Hitler was good beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so an ugly person to me might be stunningly beautiful to someone else the queen bee is supreme over mere drones, however it looks a bit pathetic in equality to even simple humans and David Beckhams ma tch and free kick against Greece last year left thousands of footy fans awe-struck, yet my brother just couldnt see what the fuss was about. God is deeply personal, so will be found in different places for everyone. If you thought that The Miracle Of life was completely un-earthly, and could only be explained with a super-human being, then I flirt I could find half a dozen more that just think we are here accidentally. IMAGEIMAGEIMAGEIf you are solely looking for good, you can soothe find it in atrocities. In Sept. 11 you could find God in the power and awe of it all, but also in those brave people whose spirit never wavered, in those volunteers determined to help, in those fore-fighters who gave their life to save others, those selfless rescuers, counsellors, vicars, children. Osama tried to devastate American spirit and attitude as well as massacre, but he failed in crushing the love and goodness in peoples heats and minds.

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