Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The future of the internet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The future of the internet - question Paper ExampleDan Nosowitz suggests we sometimes forget that in no other part of our lives can we be completely anonymous. If individuals are not afforded privacy in their physical lives outside their home, why should the lucre creation any different.The Internet is still relatively new. The changes that are made ever soy day, with technological advances, create an ever evolving entity. This makes the future of the Internet more hopeful, despite the problems needing to be solved.http// Online. This online journal source gives practical maths solutions for future Internet traffic. The paths TCPs travel are examined. Solutions for making this process more efficient are given. despite be a complex idea, Farooq explains the concept so easily most individuals can understand.13(3). International ledger of Clinical Monitoring and Computing. Online. 17 Mar. 2010 http// 7304x40m224/ Online. Although this is an older source it is important to the future of the Internet. The views of the Internet in 1996 were idealistic. Many of the objectives like faster Internet speed, expansion, and marketing possibilities have been realized. This shows that predictions about the Internet can be accurate.Feb 2010. 17 Mar. 2010 http// Online. This article is about the technological advances making Internet users more visibly known. Today Internet users are becoming more and more visible. In the future, anonymity on the Internet will be almost impossible.York Yale University Press, 2009. Print. Professor Solove addresses the problem of blogs, social websites, and chat rooms. Everything written on the web has the potential of being saved by another user. Many Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter users freely give information about themselves. This

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