Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Serena Group and Its Personnel System Assignment

The Serena Group and Its Personnel System - Assignment grammatical caseThe group has approximately five thousand employees working in heterogeneous departments. For efficiency of service, the industry has various departments where employees be deployed (Tanke, 2009). In its operation, the industry operates under Tourism Promotion Service (TPS). The industry has three major departments food and beverage, accommodations, and travel and tourism. These departments atomic number 18 managed by the general manager. Executive committees are under the general manager. These are the Executive Housekeeper, Front office manager, food and beverage manager, straits engineer controller, room division manager, chief chef, personnel manager and marketing manager. These staff members work congruently in all the branches. Below the executive committees are the heads of different sections. These are the restaurant managers, room service manager, banquet manager, security guest relation accountant, plantsman preventive maintenance manager, cashier, reservation manager stewards, laundry manager and the bar manager. All these employees work in ensuring that their customers get the best services.Although the industry has exceptionally shown outstanding performance, it has internal challenges that are facing. One of the distinct challenges is the uplifted turnover ratio. Most of the employees lay off their duties haphazardly due to the nature of the work they do or for other reasons. Although every workplace has its challenges, hospitalities industries, more so, Serena group has high turnover rates due to the by-lineMost of the luxury hotels, if not all, depending on the tourists and travelers for their operation. As the tourists travel across the continents, they exploit on these gold hotels for their meals, accommodations and stay.

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