Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Texas Education Budget Cuts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Texas Education Budget Cuts - Essay ExampleThe expression describes an act of discouragement a deal with the devil done to provide short-term relief that merely forestalls a now-guaranteed bootleg long-term consequence, for it turns temporary hunger pangs into inevitable starvation. To eat the next years seeds is to fail to put in the future. It is myopic generational theft that insidiously steals from tomorrow by mortgaging the future. Such is the same with Texas misguided plan to cut public school budgets. Weve all heard the mantra that the future is high-tech and in Texas, even so traditionally low-tech industries like oil exploration have gone high-tech. According to Southwest economy The history of Texas lies in cattle and oil. But increasingly, the future of the state is becoming linked with the ever-evolving high-tech industry. high-tech employment has grown more than twice as fast in Texas as it has in the land during the 1990s...The high-tech expansion has had an ind irect impact on the states economy by keeping other industries busyness ... One of the best examples of the indirect effects is the impact on the states construction and real estate industries.

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