Friday, April 19, 2019

360-degree appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

360-degree appraisal - Essay Examplemanagement, this paper will provide digest of a case study using the AMA 8- tonus case analysis tool as a subject matter of inst totallying the 360-degree appraisal in an organization (American Management Association, 2009).GE Company has its employee working in niner teams to produce GE 90 jet engines. Each of the nine teams handles the production of an engine from the initial step until the engine is ready for delivery. Each team has a goal of getting the engine produced however, they are all responsible for management of their internal affairs including training, vacation, and overtime. Each team is equally responsible for making an change to the production process, monitor product woodland and take responsibility for identifying and resolving problems arising among members of the team.Decision-making in the company is found on consensus, with each team making its decisions pertaining the production process. However, the company has an ove rall do manager who ensures the upkeep of all the teams is focused on the achievement of the companys goals. Due to the independence nature of the teams in decision-making, the manager has little responsibilities in following up each team, as the team members feel untrusted. contrasted the conventional responsibility of decision making by managers, in the GE Company, a manager makes fewer decisions, with major decisions such as cost reduction and safety improvement delegated to a task disembowel (Bressen, 2007).The challenge that comes with independent decision making by team members in a company is the divergence in the quality of the final products of the company. Since each team determines the production process, there is a likelihood that the quality of the engines would not be similar which would challenge the reputation of the company.Independent decision making by the teams in the company would result in differences in the appraisal pattern for the employees of the orga nization. Despite the presence of a plant manager, there

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