Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Assignment 2 MJ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

2 MJ - subsidization ExampleThe scene then fast forwards to the present day where the first born intelligence named Jamal is older and his son is somewhat to get married and the second born son had fled to America to circumvent the injustices that were happening in his res publica. The second born son, Bassam goes back to Abuddin with his American family for the wedding. The president dies during the wedding ceremony and Jamal inherits the presidency.The country is ruled through a lot of fear as the ruling family is known to persecute anyone who threatens to scar their rule. The royal family lives a lavish lifestyle and has servants at their beck and call. However, the time is when most parts of the world were avocation out for the end of dictatorial rule and thus the royal family was under a lot of air pressure from a rebel group to hold an election. Bassam, being more accepting of the democratic ways, convinces his brother to go through an election.Jamal is definately autho ritative and does whatever he wants to satisfy himself. He does not care much about anyone else or what anyone would say. He does things that only benefit him satisfy his needs, and his hold onto power. His first action shown in the serial publication is him forcing himself on one of his subjects wife as the husband waits outside and he does not care about the husbands feelings and neither those of the children of the woman who are waiting outside. His major beget is to satisfy himself regardless of who gets hurt. Jamal justifies his actions by claiming that his wife had left him and that his subjects are there to please him and do as he wishes whenever he wants. He extends his cruelty to innocent people simply because he has the authority and faculty to do as he wishes and no one is bold enough to face him.Jamal had been brought by his spawn and taught to be ruthless to people who did not agree with him. From his childhood, he had been forced to go everywhere with his fuck off and even

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