Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Security Risk Assessment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Security Risk Assessment - Coursework Example There are a variety of risks that a business organization faces when it comes to the implementation of a secure information technology system. This includes loss of information, an attack by internet or computer viruses and malwares, authorized use of data, etc (Vladimirov, Gavrilenko and Michajlowski, 2010). This paper analyzes the various elements that would make the computer system of a business organization to be vulnerable. It also examines the various measures aimed at protecting the computer system of a business organization. A secure computer system must comprise of three major elements, namely recovery, resilience, and contingency (Calder and Watkins, 2010). Under resilience, the critical functions of a business organization and its supporting infrastructure are engineered and designed in a permanent manner. They are designed in a manner that it is impossible for any disruption to affect the functionality of these systems (Bradley and Carvey, 2006). It makes it likely for an organization to maintain its operations in case of a major threat or attack to its computer systems. For instance, a business organization may develop power back up systems, to protect the loss of data or their computer networks from going off, in circumstances where power fails to occur (Harrington, 2005). Business organizations may use solar gadgets and generators to protect their computer systems, in circumstances whereby power may fail. Recovery involves restoring the important features of a computer system or network that failed to function (Bradley and Carvey, 2006). Computer experts may make arrangements aimed at recovering lost data, and making replacements on areas that is needed. This is to ensure that the activities of the business organization are not interrupted in any negative manner (Oppliger, 2000). Contingency involves

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