Monday, October 7, 2019

ERP Failures Lessons Learned Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

ERP Failures Lessons Learned - Assignment Example One of the major lessons from ERP implementation is employee involvement that requires the company wishing to use ERP to put a lot of effort during implementation in assessing the ability of the employees to use the software (Ghosh, 2012). Evaluation of their current staff is important as they cannot do their daily work and implement the plan at the same time. A companys employees can lead to the success or failure of the implementation of the ERP project depending on their commitment and skills necessary to implement the project. For the ERP project to succeed, the company can employ temporary staff for daily maintenance. Another lesson learned from the ERP implementation is recognition and retention of the employees. Employers, who offer incentives to their employees engaged in the long-term implementation of the system, face few challenges as Ghosh (2012) reports. Employees get satisfaction and can remain with the employer for a long time for various reasons such as the feeling that their employer values them and allows them time to spend with their families and to appreciate the time spent in the implementation. Employees struggle to work on the project that takes too much time, and energy, yet the rewards are low. Giving employees some incentives facilitates the success of the project and a smooth implementation. Communication is very important in the management of a company as many issues that hinder the implementation of the project results from the lack of good communication between the management and the employees. Ghosh argues that Sharing the good aspects of the implementation process across all departments is very important for its success (12). Many ERP projects fail because important details on the working of the system are not revealed problems arise. Sometimes the problems are blamed on individuals but it is normally too late for action. Communication across all management levels is very important for ERP systems

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