Thursday, October 17, 2019

Environmental Service Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Environmental Service Project - Essay Example There are doing this as a way of starting a new community of the plants in different locations in the park. All these activities lead towards restoring the park by creating a complete new phase that ensures environment conservation. It was on a Sunday morning when I and my other five friends visited Lewis Park not to admire its beauty but on a volunteer service. We were not the only volunteers in the park as there were others who had also come to offer their services. The team leader divided the entire group into two smaller groups for easy management and work accomplishment. The first group was to shovel the dirt that there was on the ground. I joined the second group that had to work on several tasks. Since one of the activities at the park was trimming back plants and relocating them, we were supposed to pick up the branches from the ground (Green Seattle Partnership, 2015). You will agree that a place looks messy with branches of trees all over. We had to pick up the branches from the ground so as to make the environment look clean and smart. Some branches can be dangerous to human beings using that surrounding as they could cause injuries due to pricking. I know a friend who got infected because of getting injured by a cedar tree branch and had to undergo treatment. We were, therefore, making the environment safe for use by all the users in the park. Our group also had to rake the leaves and other small branches that we could not easily pick up with our hands. The importance of the activity was to ensure that we clear the ground entirely so as to prevent sprouting of weeds that could affect the plants. After raking the leaves and the small branches, we had to put them into a pail to make it easy for transportation. We were required to pour the leaves and branches down the hill where preservation would take place for future use as manure on the farm. It was quite

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