Friday, October 18, 2019

Discuss the importance of sibling rivalry in Everyday Use or First Research Paper

Discuss the importance of sibling rivalry in Everyday Use or First Confession - Research Paper Example But this does not apply in the novel. Maggie, who is younger the Dee feels neglected while her elder sister, Dee is well cared of. This creates a rivalry between the two. The elder sister is also attractive than her younger sister because Maggie has some scary marks from the fire incidence when she was young. The hatred strengthens Maggie since she does her own things without depending on fellow family members. Dee on the other hand is over dependent on her parent (mama). Sibling rivalry promotes responsibility among family members, more so the children. Dee is known to be lazy, despite being stronger and healthier than her younger sister who was once a fire accident victim (Borden, 49). Dee cannot even make her own bed nor clean up. But when the parents are away, she is forced to depend on herself since the younger sister; Maggie does not tolerate her laziness. The irony in the novel that Maggie, the youngest in the family is more active than her elder sister, Dee. Maggie feels offe nded when Dee orders Hakim around the house like she has no hands or limbs. Dee is ever seated while everything is done to her. Maggie is more responsible despite her tender age and weakness from the fire incident. ... Dee down looks her mother despite all the attention she gets. There is a point her mother tries to explain how her name came about. Dee is named after her respected aunt. Instead of her appreciating having named after an important society member, she despises her mother and walks away (Faber, 29). Maggie avoids associating with her sister at all cost. She does her thing on her own because she thinks Dee is favored but she still remains disobedient to the mother. There is a point Maggie wish she was the eldest so that she could her sister some lessons. Maggie and Hakim do most of the house chores while the elder sister makes orders like some kind of boss. As a reader, one later learns that Dee is not favored by her mother (mama) but the later tries her to reunite Dee with other family members. Dee is tough and masculine according to her mother’s verdict. The story talks about how her mother used some encouraging and pleasant phrases to place so that she would appreciate other f amily members, but all is in vain. Dee continues her independent life and does not involve any family members in her decisions. It takes mama great effort to make Dee appreciate kitchen as a woman’s territory, instead the latter uses her robust energy to butcher cows as well as hogs. This makes the character different from other women in the novel. Dee later changes her name to ‘Wangero’, an African name. This offends her mother and Maggie is regarded as the family caretaker instead. We come to learn the real character of Dee. The mother is having no favors but just tries to convince the role of women in the society. Sibling conflict makes on learn how the other sibling feels or think of her or him. Dee knows very well

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