Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Business Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Studies - Essay Example The customers interested in jeans do view Levi Strauss as a brand that could be trusted. Thus, the positive customer perception is further bolstered by the hold that the company has over the varied aspects of the apparel business that is purchase, production, marketing and sales. Besides, the company has also made salubrious inroads into the new product lines through diversification, which portends a positive future. The company does has the financial resources at its disposal to be invested into new product lines and entering new markets. However, it does need to be mentioned that the strengths acquired by the company came with a heavy price. The company did come out with some product lines like the permanent press slacks, the denim bathing suit and the disposable sheets and towels, which did not gel with the already existing product lines and lead to considerable losses. So the company needs to avoid entering into such flop product lines (Adcock 2000, p. 90). This may jeopardize th e strong brand image of Levi Strauss and dilute customer perceptions (Reddy 1994, p. 129). ... In that sense, Levi Strauss has a viable opportunity at its disposal to garner the ascending interest of these customers by expanding into such product lines. The biggest threat that the company faces is relying predominantly on the established product lines, which may fade away soon (Gilley 2005). Besides, a less than proactive attitude may give advantage to the other established competitors. Also, expanding into product lines that do not deliver the expected customer satisfaction may dilute the brand appeal of the company. Hence, the best possible way out for the company is to expand into product lines that cater to the proceeding tastes and requirements of the already loyal customer base, while desisting from venturing into lines that rub away the exiting brand reputation, while extending unwanted advantage to the established competitors. Reference List Adcock, Dennis 2000, Marketing Strategies for Competitive Advantage, Wiley, New York. Gilligan, Colin & Wilson, Richard MS 2003, Strategic Marketing Planning, Butterworth Heinemann, Boston. Gilley, Ann 2005, The Manager as Change Leader, Praeger, Westport, CT. Golembiewski, Robert T 2000, Handbook of Organizational Consultation, Marcel Dekker, New York. Reddy, Allan C 1994, Total Quality Marketing, Quorum Books, Westport, CT. Part II. McDonald’s and the Health Conscious Consumer It goes without saying that McDonald’s has been a leading fast food brand not only in the US, but in a more current context, the world over. However, with the consumers getting more health conscious and the commensurate health trends like the rising number of obese people within the population, many of the McDonald’s existing product lines that also happened to be high calorie products are

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