Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Move :: Personal Narrative Moving Essays

The give the axeSummer of 2000, my parents decided we should move to atomic number 20. From Georgia to California, East Coast to west Coast. I do zero(prenominal) think my mom really precious to move. It was my Dajis (Dads eldest brother) fault. He and his son bought a motel in Morro Bay, California. Daji wanted my dad to help him run it(the motel). So in order for that to happen, we would all have to move. My mom was not coming with my dad, sister and me, barely yet. We still had our house and my mom still had her job. We needed the income. We were going to generate to California in our white Nissan Previa. As we traveled through the gray states, my mom got news from Zambia, where her family lives, saying that my grandfather had a heart attack. So now my mom was not going to be coming to California when she was suppose to. I was going to be mom-less for longer than I was unstrained to be. I cried and cried (in despair). I know my dad felt bad(horrible about what he was doin g) but he could not tell his older brother no. All those dumb complaisance rules. In our culture, that is the Indian culture, we must respect our elders, even if that means doing things we do not want to do, but(I believe) sometimes you merchantman say no. We drove the rest of the way to California. We stayed at the motel, the iodin my Daji bought. It had an apartment attached to it. The apartment had two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, eat room, and a full bath. My sister and I shared one of the rooms, my cousin-german and his wife had the other room, my dad slept in the living room and my aunt and uncle slept in one of the motel rooms. We hated it. Back home we had our take in rooms, our own space. My sister and I were not very close at this time, so it was difficult to share and talk about what was happening. We did not like it(the caprice of moving) mostly because we were away from our friends, our world and most importantly our mom.(when we got to California we had to be enrolled in school. So we went to the closest school My dad took us to the school, which was 30 minutes away from where we lived, in a completely different town.

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