Monday, February 10, 2020

Nelson Mandela Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Nelson Mandela - Research Paper Example Mandela was born on the July 18, 1918. His name Rolihlahla literally means, â€Å"pulling the branch of the tree.† He was brought up in the village of Mvezo near River Mbashe in the district of Umata, the capital of Transkei. His home village was Thembu. The name of his father was the great, Gadla Henry Mphanyiswa. Mphanyiswa was a great chief of the high, Thembu village. His father lost his wealth due to some â€Å"ox† disputes, under unclear circumstances. His mother decided to travel to a village of Qunu, located northern of Mvezo. While at Qunu, Mandela used to spend his leisure time playing and wrestling with other young boys in the village. He could spend the nights together with these same boys. He used to look after the herds at the age of five. He discovered the techniques of collecting honey, birds, and edible fruits. He enjoyed drinking milk straight from the udder of the cow. The life in the field was full of fun. Mandela was a creative and a critical in thought. He could make devices and play with them. He had a passion for the study of nature. He liked climbing the back of the donkey and molding animals and birds using clay soil. The village of Qunu had several churches. He attended church service for the first time when he during baptism. The religion became like a ritual to him. His mother attachment to the church was just incredible. The only times he could miss the Sunday services was when he could go to fight with other boys. He realized that the fighting was like a transgression and vowed never to commit again. Mandela later traveled to Johannesburg where he first reached the offices of Crown Mines in the year 1886.The Witwatersrand in South Africa by then was the largest gold mine. He was very much disappointed in what he saw in the mining place as opposed to his expectations. He thought he could find the mining places to have well-furnished offices but instead the place was

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