Monday, July 29, 2019

The Effectiveness of Light Therapy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Effectiveness of Light Therapy - Assignment Example Tsai Hsiu-Hsin conducted this research to find out the effect of therapy on depressed elders. The researchers Yun-Fang Tsai and Hsiu-Hsin Tsai belong to the school of nursing in Taiwan; Thomas Wong is from the school of nursing in Hong Kong, while Yeong-Yuh Juang works in the Department of Psychiatry in Taiwan. The research is conducted because elderly depression has become a major issue and there are no past studies that are conducted for examining light therapy effect on elderly depressions in tropical areas. For this purpose, the old patients that were hospitalized because of depression in a subtropical climate area are selected. The experiment was conducted in such a way that patients had to sit in front of a light box where they faced 5000 lux early in the morning. This experiment lasted for 5 days in which time duration was 50 minutes each day. Treatment was only given to the experimental group, while there was no treatment for controlling group. The results of this experiment stated that there was a significant reduction of depression on the patients after the experiment, but no effect was found on the control group. This research is very helpful for the elders as they can use light therapy for reducing their depression and it has a positive impact on them. The major limitation of this study was that only one hospital was selected for this experiment therefore, different hospitals could be used in the future.

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